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Five blank cards honoring the wisdom of trees illustrated with delightful watercolor tree rings.

Message with possible uses:

Wisdom comes with years. - birthday

Trees can heal us. - get well

Trees are awesome and so are you. - thank you

Embrace your bark. - encouragement

Trees listen. - friendship

Back text:

Trees are awesome. Trees have been in existence on Earth for over 370 million years, while humans have been here for a mere 300 thousand years. We are blessed by the generosity of trees daily; wood, fuel, paper (this card), shade, fruit, and 1/3 of the oxygen we breathe. Trees have much to teach us if we only pay attention -– how to heal, thrive, adapt and celebrate this one life we live. Thank a tree today.


Set of 5 blank cards on warm white felt, 110# cover + kraft brown envelopes 

Bundled in twine with a tag, perfect for gift giving.

Fits A1-size kraft envelope (5-1/8 inches x 3 5/8 inches) 

Set of 5 Tree Wisdom Cards

SKU: 364215375135191
  • Medium: Watercolor. Inspiration: Trees.

  • Local pickup: Free

    Domestic Shipping: $5


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