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"For over 20 years, Kenzie has worked with us to highlight our research work graphically. Her designs of our newsletters, logos, posters, and brochures are each unique yet visually complementary. We look forward to collaborating with her every time as she is creative, responsive, and listens to our thoughts and ideas."

PAM MURPHY, IEA Solar Heating and Cooling Programme

"Kenzie is an absolute delight to work with - she listens to the problem to be solved, comes back with creative and smart solutions and executes the artwork flawlessly. I love working with her!"

TERRY GRAVES, Graves Fowler Creative

"Over my 7 years of working with Kenzie, she consistently wows me and my colleagues with her gorgeous and creative designs and layouts. Even more valuable, she is able to help us conceptualize what we need – even when we can’t quite articulate it ourselves! And Kenzie’s warm and open personality and speedy turnaround makes working on design projects with her a real pleasure. I highly recommend Kenzie!"

KATHY HEDGE, Parent Encouragement Program

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